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My comic, Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream is created by one person (me). It’s a surprising amount of work! I spend over 40 hours a week doing work on the comic, from animating and writing to marketing and bug fixing. It leaves me no time to work at a traditional 9-5 job. To make ends meet, I occasionally take freelance illustration commissions. Sadly that work isn’t steady, and it can take time away from Nwain. There are better options out there.

Merchandise is one option. At the Nwain Gumroad shop, you can buy Nwain-related items, or download digital goodies at a pay-what-you-want price–great for a one-time donation! I also sell the physical items at conventions, such as the Evergreen Tabletop Expo in Tacoma (May 27-29) and possibly Geek Girl Con in Seattle (Oct 8-9).

Patreon is another option. Patreon allows you to make monthly pledges. Depending on your pledge level, I can send you rewards. I like Patreon because it is very steady and low hassle. An increase in support means I have funds for getting new merchandise printed or crafted. The only catch is that my Patreon tends to grow slowly.

So that’s why I’m holding a pledge drive! Like pledge drives for PBS, I’m doing a month-long reminder: if you’re interested in supporting Nwain, now is a great time!

Thank you,

Nwain Patreon Pledge Drive March 2016 by rillani

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Hi fellows of DeviantArt,

I've been quiet here, but I've been busy with my webcomic.  It's animated!  It's a ton of work!  And I want to try making a living at it.  Please take a look, and if you enjoy the story and the format, consider supporting me and/or telling everyone you know about it. Love 

Read the comic!

Check out the Patreon!

Nwain Patreon Pledge Drive by rillani
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  • Reading: The Golem and the Jinni
I'll be at GeekGirlCon in Seattle October 10-11! I'm sharing Artists' Alley table #618 with Skirtzzz !  You can get tickets at

Nwain and Skirtzzz at GeekGirlCon '15 by rillani
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I've been busy working on my comic, and forgetfully haven't been posting snippets here.  So take a look!

The comic is about Nwain, was a knight from Sundial City.  She lost everything, including her family, and now wanders the land in search of peace.
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  • Reading: The Tale of Genji
Hi all!

I'll be at CTN this year!  If you'll be there and want to meet up, or you just want to vicariously absorb animation energy, follow me on twitter.  I'll be tweeting away during the expo.
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I'm coloring some animation.
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Patreon is a service that allows you to give support to creators.  It’s like Kickstarter, but a little different.  Kickstarter helps creators earn large amounts of money quickly.  Patreon is designed to be slow and steady.

Nwain is a long-term project, so that’s why I’ve chosen Patreon.  I can update my Patreon page over time, without having to stress about a looming deadline.  That’s great, because I really don’t need the extra stress.  It’s hard enough balancing a comic with a part-time job and commissions!

When I earn enough support, I can work on the comic full-time.  It will be my only job, and my life will be a little less crazy.

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Watch me create a panel for Nwain.
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Nwain as Baby New Year by rillani

Baby Nwain would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

The comic will update on the last Tuesday of each month, starting January 28th.

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It's been nearly three weeks since the launch of my animated comic, Nwain.  It's gone very well!  More updates will come in January.  But I'm not the only person doing this kind of thing!  Check out these other comics, they're all doing their own thing with this fun new medium. :D


Niko and the Sword of Light -  By imaginism, for iPad and Android

Niko uses his magic sword and the power within himself to defeat monsters and save his world.  Features full animation, sound, music and voice acting. The first 3 chapters are available for free.

Bottom of the Ninth - By Ryan Woodward, on iPad and Web (web version)

Candy Cunningham pitches for her baseball team in a futuristic world.  Features 2D/3D animation, sound, music, and extensive voice acting.  Both the web and ipad versions are free.  

On the Web:

Spidderelli - By Clay "Harpeaux" L  (here's the comic's tumblr)

"Odd world. Odder residents."  Features Flash animation, sound, music, and voice acting.

 Saint For Rent - By Emruki

"Saint runs an inn for Time Travelers, which leaves him little time to write his trashy romance novels."  Features minimal, atmospheric animation.

The field of animated comics is growing quickly!  If you know about more of them, please share them in the comments! :heart:

Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream by rillani

Take a look at:

I've been working on my animated webcomic. If you want to check it out, I have a pre-launch site up!
(if it doesn't load for your device, browser, or connection, please let me know!)
DeviantArt just made it really easy to feature artwork in journals, so let's have some animal photography!
Be sure to check out their galleries for more!

 Parlay by darkcalypso
 cerf 03 by raskal27600 
garzetta by FrancoBorsiWildLife  garzetta by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Speedy Baby by DeeOtter
Box Turtle by Andres-Cadena

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Hey hey!  I graduated!  I'm now officially an artist!

When I'm not hunting for jobs, I'm working on my webcomic!  Woot!  It's coalescing into a final-ish script, and I'm tinkering with wordpress, etc., etc.  Eventually.. it will exist in a not-stuck-in-my-brain format.  Working on that.  Comics are lots of hard work.. and animated comics are.. well.  This is going to take a while.
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In my last semester of DigiPen, I'm on a great game team with some wonderful people.  The team is Pocket Change Games, and the game is A Fistful of Duckies, a carnival target shooter for tablets.  Along with being a blast to play, it also aims to educate people about college debt repayment.  It's a crazy scheme, but it's coming together!  I'll be doing concepts and prop art for the next level or so, along with two other artists who have already established the game's style.

Although it's not ready to grab yet, you can check out previews here:
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Hello hello!

I've been obsessed with this lately, so I might as well announce it everywhere.  I'm making an animated comic book.

Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream

The series follows Nwain, a knight who wanders dreamland in search of wisdom.  She fights monsters, joins tournaments, solves disputes, and helps others face their nightmares, until she must face her own.

The adventures will span about 7 issues.  For issue 1, I'll get done what I can of the script and storyboard, but true production can't begin until I've graduated in 2013.  I won't be able to finish this on my own, and I'll need some help later on.

Here's some pre-pre-production!  This is just some design exploration and style tests, and not representative of the final work.

Night (reworked) by rillani Lacefort by rillani
Magician Knight and Margravine Designs by rillani Run in woods by rillani

What's An Animated Comic Book?

An animated comic book is an electronic book typically read on an iPad or other tablet device.  It can follow many of the conventions of the comic book format - panels, word balloons, etc., but also leverages the digital medium by adding animation, sound effects, voice, and/or interaction.  It's a new form of storytelling that's still being explored, so I don't want to define it any more strictly than that.

Ryan Woodward's Bottom of the Ninth is a good example of what I'm talking about.  Check it out!
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Hi all, is down temporarily.  Hopefully we'll be able to get the site up and running again.  In the meantime, roleplaying will continue on this temporary forum:

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So summer is going on and I got a job making interactive e-books.  It's pretty cool!
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Almost done with Junior year!  Alllllllllmooost there....!
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So I entered a scholarship contest held by the Society of Illustrators.  The picture I entered is probably my best to date, but I have to hold off on showing it to the internet.  Curses!  Anyway, it's a significant refinement of… that incorporates crits from Mr. Moehrle, other teachers, and dA members like you!  I hope it gets noticed!

:heart: :heart: :heart:
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